9Point8 Fall Line Return Speed Issue + Digit Remote Upgrade

Like any other moving part, dropper posts require maintenance. Luckily, Nine Point Eight posts are fully user serviceable and do not require any specialty tools (Except their “Brake Release Tool” which is essentially a M7 threaded rod and a nut). Their YouTube channel contains detailed and easy to follow maintenance videos.


  1. The dropper post’s return speed slowing down and it failing to reach full extension. Sometimes taking close to 5 seconds to extend.
  2. Below zero temperatures the post was returning extremely fast without any resistance.

Basic troubleshooting includes:

  1. Checking remote cable tension and actuation to ensure the brake was being fully released and not dragging.
  2. Playing around with the air pressure to ensure the post can return fully.
  3. Unscrew the nut and ensure there is enough lubrication.

In this case it was #3. Upon unscrewing the nut there was no sign of grease and the foam ring was bone dry. This explains the increased stiction caused by the dry rubber seals. I decided to follow Nine Point Eight’s first maintenance item; Lubricating the nut.

The process is very simple and takes a few minutes to complete. See official instructional video below:

9Point8 recommends their special blend of grease known as P10L but according to them any petroleum based grease should work. The grease should not break down and drip oil down the stanchion which would contaminate the mechanical brake. Since I was in the process of ordering their new Digit remote I opted for their grease as well.

Lubricating the Nut

Use a strap wrench or bike stand to unscrew the nut. Alternatively you can clamp the nut in a bike stand and unscrew it that way.

9Point8 Fall Line Dropper Post Maintenance

This exposes the foam ring and the foam ring holder (metal part). Upon careful inspection, stiction marks can be seen on the stanchion which is another tell tale sign of no lubrication. The foam ring is also bone dry. Note: The foam ring holder is now obsolete and is replaced by something known as SSR (Seal Support Ring)

9Point8 Fall Line Dropper Post Maintenance

Close up shot shows the x-ring air seal. If you dropper is losing air via the red seal lip then most likely your seal is defective.

9Point8 Fall Line Dropper Post Maintenance

Here we can see the 1/4 oz jar of P10L grease. This size should be enough to lubricate the post for a couple of years depending on your style of riding.

9Point8 Fall Line Dropper Post Maintenance

Apply a liberal amount of P10L to the foam ring and wipe off some above it.

9Point8 Fall Line Dropper Post Maintenance

Here is another shot showing the same step from a different angle.

9Point8 Fall Line Dropper Post Maintenance

Digit Remote

Here is a exploded photo of the 9point8 Digit remote made by Wolftooth Components. It is essentially a Wolftooth ReMote LA (Light Action) with 9point8 branding on it.

9Point8 Fall Line Digit Remote

A closer look at the Digital Remote’s construction. Large 15x21x4 mm bearing appears to be a 6702RS bearing. This is huge compared to the previous remote’s 7 mm alloy axle.

9Point8 Fall Line Digit Remote

This is what the regular 9Point8 remote looks like.

Scott Twinlock Remote Trek Top Fuel 9.8

Here is the new Digit remote. Its ergonomics match a typical shift lever. It sits lower under the bar and is much easier to depress while keeping your hands on the grip. Digit lever requires a lot less force to release the dropper brake.

9Point8 Fall Line Digit Remote Scott Twinloc

4 thoughts on “9Point8 Fall Line Return Speed Issue + Digit Remote Upgrade

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  • March 6, 2019 at 1:58 am

    how do you find getting the nut off with the strap wrench? i have 2 of these posts and i can manage it on the original post but not on the second one. i’ve resorted to the drastic measure of using a vise grip pliers with the expected and resulting marring of the surface. i tried everything including 2 different strap wrenches, then the upside down in the bike stand grip that 9.8 demonstrates. it’s frustrating. for such a high end piece of engineering they sure missed the boat on some simple and important elements of the design, which it seems they have addressed with the latest model.

    • November 3, 2021 at 4:32 pm

      Hi James, sorry for the hilariously late reply. The nut can be really tough to remove and unfortunately other than brute force there is no better way. I wish 9point8 would make flat edges on the nut so it can be gripped better with a wrench. I find removing it while installed in the bike is easier.

  • May 24, 2022 at 2:25 pm

    Use double-sided tape for increasing grip. Degrease before application.


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